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Quirky Cookies

made in small batches

Order your cookies today!


Quirky Cookie Flavors 

Ooey gooey on the inside

Just a tad crispy on the outside

Cookie Perfection!

 Chunky Chocolate Chip

vanilla dough,

dark chocolate & milk chocolate chips


Lemon Pecan Merengue

lemon zest vanilla dough dancing with

toasted pecans, & marshmallows

Royal Raspberry Almond 

marzipan vanilla dough,

toasted almonds & raspberry jam

Campfire S'more

cinnamon vanilla dough,

graham crackers,chocolate chips,

& marshmallows

Chocolate Odyssey  

chocolate dough,

brownie chunks, dark chocolate chips,

& milk chocolate chips


Greeky Finēēky 

Cognac & vanilla orange dough,

cinnamon spice, toasted walnuts,

rolled in brown sugar before baking

Who says a Greek holiday cookie can't be Quirky?



P. Nutty Rocky Road

chocolate dough,

peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips,

marshmallows, & toasted walnuts

Birthday Party

vanilla almond butter dough,

white chocolate chips,

& colorful sprinkles

Espresso Yourself

espresso accented vanilla dough,

cinnamon, & dark chocolate chips


Macadamia Madness

vanilla dough,

toasted macadamia nuts,

& white chocolate chips

Cocoa Nuts

chocolate dough,

shredded coconut, toasted almonds,

& dark chocolate chips

Pistachi - ohh

Vanilla pistachio dough,

roasted pistachios

& dark chocolate chips

Chippy Chocolate Mint

chocolate dough, 

mint chocolate chunks, dark chocolate chips

& crushed peppermint candy

Island Rum Raisin 

oatmeal & vanilla cookie dough,

toasted walnuts, & rum soaked raisins 



Ready  - Set - Order!

Quirky Cookie Box

4 delicious cookies (1.5 pounds)   22

Cookie Lover's Special

Order two Quirky Cookie Boxes    40

Order three Quirky Cookie Boxes   58









Allergens: Attention customers with food allergies.

Our cookies are made onsite - in our Café.

Cookies may come in contact with

different allergens during preparation,

baking, cooling, display and packaging. 

Please be advised that:

all of our baked goods may contain allergens.

This includes (but not limited to)  

peanuts, tree nuts, sesame,

(dairy) cow's milk, eggs, butter,

(gluten) wheat and/or soy

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